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New Prophets 01/08/21

Prophetic Word.

At this time the Lord is raising up NEW GENERALS who have been in training behind the scenes. They haven't spoken with authority and power given to them by the Lord of Hosts. No more says the Lord.

They will rise up as a new generation of uncompromising saints who will not bow down to man but to God alone.

Marching orders are being dispatched from the heavenlies and a new breed of disciples will rise up. I am going a new thing in America says the Lord.

America will be a beacon of light for all the nations. I have heard the prayers of my people and I am a merciful God who answers prayers. You repented. I heard. Not only did I hear but I already answered. It has not manifested in the natural yet but the answer already came.

Just like I answered right away to Daniel's plea. The prince of darkness delayed the answer so everything would play out as it should.

Exposure to the church, revival will start with my church. I will not come back to a stained and lukewarm Bride.

Exposure to the government. I cleaned out the government and many of my faithful ones will take office in the highest places across this land so my will is done in this nation.

America will be the start of a world wide revival that sweep the globe until all tribes, tongues and nations have heard the gospel and then the end will come.

Keep the faith. I am fighting for you an

d if I am for you who can be against you. I am the Great I AM. I answered Moses plea at the Red Sea. Your plea has been answered. Peace be upon you says the Lord.

Laire Lightner - January 8th, 2021

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