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The Ekklesia

Prophetic Word January 20, 2023

“I AM doing something NEW in the Ekklesia. The way “it’s been” will no longer work. There’s a major divide happening. The on fire for me vs the church goers. The ones who truly fear me vs the ones who nonchalantly talk about me like I am no big deal.

My glory will be poured out on the Holy vessels. The vessels of destruction will become even more evident. The true prophets will be magnified to carry my glory throughout the earth. The prophets of old will not partake in the coming harvest. Not because they are false prophets. Some aren’t but because they are compromising prophets. Much like my Moses couldn’t go into the promised land while Joshua and Caleb did. Disobedience has consequences.

My hidden prophets whom I have kept from stages and spot lights are marching to the frontlines to take the baton over. This relay race is about shift. You will know by the Spirit of truth whom I have called to lead my army in earth. Do not be deceived. Many I’ve called, few I’ve chosen.

I AM dealing with the church and the prophets now. Hold fast.”

Prophets (unknowns) GET READY. Your time of commissioning is now.

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