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A shock 7/27/22

Prophetic Word I received 07/27/22

The time is drawing near when the upside down will be right side up. Everything will begin to make sense to you so do not despair. I warned that a purifying fire would sweep the church because I will come back to a church on fire for Holiness. A church sold out to my cause and my kingdom. No compromise.

The church has been prostituting itself to the highest bidder. Did you not think I would came back for what is mine? Did you think I would overlook your insolence? Your calamity draws near, the hour of your accounting not only for your many sins but for the blood you have on your hands of the many you have lead astray is at the door.

The war you’re in will intensify as the culmination draws near. The end of the satanic system that has overtaken the world. I said this premature takeover of the New World Order would not stand and you’re about to watch it crumble to the ground.

To you puppets in the pulpit I know of you secret deals. I know what you have done behind the scenes. The money you have taken to push certain agendas. You sold a gospel I never gave, your recompense shall be your own blood. You thought your strings would be invisible yet I see all things.

There is so much confusion and discord during this time but if you stay your eyes on ME, you will not be led astray. I gave you the Spirit of TRUTH to guide you into all truth. Rely on Him more than you ever have before. Do not set up for yourselves false idols for comforting words. I see right through the motives of your heart. Due to fear and uncertainty you have set up idols of comfort during this time. Your idols must be torn down. You either willingly give them to me, or I will discipline you and take them in my lovingkindness.

Take the words from my prophets and examine them through Holy Spirit discernment. My words will bring you both a holy fear and a comfort that I can be trusted. They are meant to act as a boomerang to bring you right back to me lest you turn those prophets to golden calfs.

Remember my beloved that spending time with me is the ultimate faith builder. Nothing can replace daily intimacy with me. You and me, one on one. I want to speak to your heart, I want to comfort your fears and I want you to grow in wisdom and that begins with the Fear of the Lord. For I AM GOD and the nations tremble at the mention of my name.

The church has used my name so carelessly. The name above all names. The name that carries the BLOOD anointing. The name that raises the Dead and has made it the laughing stock for the world to see but that is about to change. They shall see the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I shall be mocked no more.

I discipline those whom I love and I love you so I can not allow you to continue walking in your lukewarm ways.

A shock shall come over you. Such a shock to the world that you will run to me in desperation for answers. Answers I shall provide in that hour. You will never want to stray from me again.

The republic shall be resurrected. Resurrected from the DEAD for I am merciful God who keeps His covenants.

Dread shall consume my enemies as judgment of fire falls upon them. Come away with me for a while my bride. Hide for a bit and delight yourself in me for what you’re about to see unfold will test even the most seasoned WARRIORS.

I speak SHALOM over your heart and mind as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death but fear no evil for I am with you…ALWAYS.

Brace yourself. Get ready for war for war is here. My angels are already in the battle fighting for you.

My remnant, do not fear for I am working everything together for you good. You shall walk victoriously out of this trial with a greater anointing and understanding of who I am. I have already secured your victory so walk confidently and stay close to my heart.

Dark clouds will surround the capitol and the world. It will seem as if it all is lost when in an instant you will hear a LOUD ROAR from the heavens will dispel the darkness and give way to the victorious LIGHT.

I shall reign from the highest court of the land in this nation again. I will reign WITH My David at my right hand once again.

See, He is everything I needed in a man for this specific hour. The church may have rejected him but I have called him. Even though I had chosen him for the job he had much work to do and to learn my beloved. He didn’t know me going into the position I called him to but I revealed myself to him and he surrendered his will to mine. Even so I had to work in his heart to teach him humility. He had always thought humility was a weakness. His father taught him that. As his father now, I had to teach him that humility is a pre-requisite for every single one of my heart kings. Humility is a power and an honor to have. He has learned that in this dance, I lead and he follows. He is ready to return now.

You will see a series of events unfold that will make you very uncomfortable. It will shake your faith. You will think the prophets had it all wrong but I assure you, I am never wrong and I have indeed spoken. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

Worldwide chaos will ensue. It is even at the door. The upheaval you will see will be my doing. I will uproot every single wicked leader who thought to outsmart me for I am the one who sets kings and dethrones them. I shall with a sweep of my hand dethrone world leaders simultaneously.

One by one they shall fall like dominos and you will not be able to keep up with the news. The economy worldwide will collapse bringing down the greatest embezzlement of money in human history. I will set up a new financial system that will be protected by precious metals that will not be able to be manipulated. A kingdom system where everyone is given back what they are owed.

Every house of cards needs to come crashing down to I can replace them. Wars and rumors of wars yet no war will be. I will crush every single plan they have and will force them to carry my own instead.

The generals who lead the charge in my beautiful America are men that I have handpicked. Several woman as well. They shall lead you into triumph by my Spirit says the Lord.

Much like Washington crossed the Delaware in a final attempt to gain your freedom my America, my prophets are crossing the Delaware in the spirit now gaining back territory for my generals to step into. You see, if I didn’t send my prophets before my generals they would have taken them out. I have given my prophets a special anointing through this season of perseverance. By sheer willpower through Holy Spirit they have been upheld. It has been a fight but a fight they have already won. This war has been one unlike the world has ever seen. You weren’t here when Lucifer tried to come against me and failed the first time. You are here now to see what I do to my enemies.

An uproar. An uproar. An uproar.

This is the calm before the STORM. Let Him who have ears hear what the Lord is saying to the church.

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