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A reminder is coming.

Word received 09/16/2023

With much fear and trembling before Adonai I release this word.

During my worship time I was transported before the Throne of the Almighty.

The father stands form His Throne and says walk with me.

As we begin to walk and He begins to move everywhere He goes turns to Gold, His Glory starts to be visible in this hue of gold shimmer.

The most beautiful sight to behold.

I saw the streets of Gold.

Everything transformed to Gold as He walked by.

As I look up at Him He instantly got bigger and started to emit this Golden Glow.

He said… I transform into whatever is needed in the hour.

I understood in my spirit he meant a Lion, A Lamb, A baby in a manger, A KING and CONQUEROR. All manifestations of Him and what the earth needed.

As I walked I asked what you do what me to tell the people Lord?

He said “Tell them since I created Adam I’ve been involved in the affairs of man. Nothing has ever happened without me knowing it.”

Tell them to believe in me.

Let Faith arise on the Earth.

Tell them that they are planning a great genocide but it won’t be by their hand or whom they are targeting.

They planned to take out my church through pestilence.

Instead I’ve released the Angel of Death.

Genocice shall be by my hand alone.

I am still the God who slayed the Assyrians and I am about to do it again.

Tell them I’ve already sent Micha’El.

He will bind Lucifer for a time that the last harvest may take place without his intervention.

He will not be allowed to council the World Leaders until he man of sin is revealed.

A reprieve.

I saw an Eagle circling the Throne of God.

There were flaming arrows coming at the Eagle.

The Eagle was hit and fell as dead before the Throne.

I knew in my spirit the eagle represented America.

Yahweh stood from His Throne, picked up the Eagle and blew the breath of Life over the Eagle.

Immediately the Eagle was resurrected.

The Eagle transformed before my eyes to a GLOWING Eagle.

The Golden Glow was Yah’s Glory.

The Spirit of the Lord said….Many wicked ones are about to leave the earth.

Prepare your hearts for mass deaths.

Trust in me as I have never failed you.

Keep your eyes on me and me alone.

Through the time of confusion and incredible fear coming tune into my prophets.

I’ll guide them so they can guide you as I did Moses and Elijah.

The raw and unfiltered ones are labeled “untamable” by the world yet they sit at my feet and honor my name.

I saved the best for last.

The most humble and obedient.

Do them no harm as I will repay each what they are due.

They are the reason your war has been won.

When the traitors bowed out from the war I looked to and fro throughout the earth to find my faith filled ones who feared me.

I found a handful of righteous ones to lead you.

They are not the ones you see on stages, tours and conferences.

You shall find my true prophets among the people just like Moses.

Their reward is great.

They are indeed my friends.

Tell them torrential rains are coming.

Mud slides will increase.

Many will perish and they will blame it on climate change.

NAY, says the Lord.

I haven’t changed the earth’s climate.

They are the ones using technology man was not supposed to have to bring about their takeover.

An earthquake.

A 12 on the Richter scale.

A sign of my judgment on the wicked.

A comet they shall say.

A bright light seen across the sky.

That bright light you will see across the skies is Micha’El.

My Spirit was hovering over Africa once again…I saw bubbles in a pot.

In my spirit I knew this was a pestilence of sorts that’s brewing in Africa.

I saw a map of Africa from above and I saw the pestilence spread East of the nation it started in.

It crossed and spread throughout many countries swiftly.

Let him who have ears listen and repent. Turn to me in this hour. Only my remnant; those full of oil will be protected under the shadow of my wings.

I saw dark skies, very dark skies.

It seemed as if the world stood still.

In the blink of an eye the darkness dissipated and clear blue skies appeared.

The voice of the Lord said, NOW GO and preach my glorious gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.

I saw the world in a new way.

The Glory and fear of the Lord fell like dew on a spring morning.

This was worldwide.

Do not fear Russia.

Do not come against Russia for Vladimir is doing my bidding.

So is Kim (Jong Un) and so is Xi.

Xi, I will remove in due time as his heart is arrogant towards me.

Until then I will turn the hearts of the kings wherever I please for I AM GOD.

The same way I hardened Pharoah’s heart I have hardened Obama’s heart to come against the people.

THIS Obama is planning a hostile takeover.

He is running the show he thinks.

I am about to flip the cards on him and his administration.

Watch for more whistleblowers come forward to claim homosexual relations with him.

When I am done with him, rags shall be his legacy and name.

A shameful legacy.

Watch news outlets who previously hated my David (DJT) claim “he is the only solution.”

There is coming a change of heart towards my David from the liberal camp.

My spirit hovered over America and I saw a standoff from both coasts.

As if we were surrounded.

Threats of “weapons of mass destructions” flashed in my spirit.

I saw Yahweh put His foot in the very middle of the map and say loudly….NAY.

Fear covered the earth and many turned to the Lord in repentance.



North Korea

Several other smaller nations.

All came to help deliver America the Beautiful.

Sent here by Abba Himself.

I heard a voice from the Throne say “The Deep State is no more.”

Immediately I saw Washington DC in a rubble.

The old guard has been destroyed.

The generals came out of the mountain they had their command center in. They were the ones directing the entire showdown from that command center.

They were the ones who set int all up under the direction of Yeshua.

Immediately I saw Yeshua sit back on the Throne and with a big smile He said…. CHECKMATE.


I am the beginning and the end.

All things were created for me and through me.

All dominion over the earth is mine.

I AM still on my Throne.

Who is man but a vapor?

Who is man but one whom I give the very breath of life to?

Is man greater than God?

Can man outsmart God?


I AM THE SOVEREIGN KING over all creation.

Hear me of creation….you’ve tested the Lord thy God long enough.

I’ve had enough fo your insolence.

A reminder is coming to you oh Earth.

A reminder I AM HOLY and I AM KING over the entire created universe.

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Ted Quandt
Ted Quandt
Sep 23, 2023

This message didn't come from God. God says to run from someone claiming to be a prophet that does not say REPENT and TURN FROM YOUR EVIL WAYS.


America and the American church have allowed sin into it!!!

Jesus is coming to judge the church. Get into your Bible and read the truth!!!


Debi Brockett
Debi Brockett
Sep 16, 2023

Dearest Laire, I am still tingling from reading this powerful Word. It is fearsome and awesome and holy. I have taken it to my heart with great trepidation and respect. I have prayed that my children and grandchildren will be covered as they are still finding their way to God, who has promised me He has them in His hand. It is a hard thing to remember that our God is a God of vengeance and retribution for His people, as well as a loving and caring God. I pray most for those who don't understand and will be angry with God over the deaths. You address this on Telegram, and I'm thankful because it will be such a hard…

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