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Judgment Washington DC

I just a vision of DC. 02/11/2023

A huge tornado was ripping through each government building. The Lord had sent it. The fear of the Lord was hiding in this tornado. They were fleeing the buildings to find covering from the wrath of the Most High. The voice of the Lord said “they have nowhere to hide.”

The word GLORY appeared in the sky. The voice of the Lord said “I will be glorified throughout all the nations of the earth.”

I saw immediately after a clean up crew arrive. They cleaned the rubble so fast. It seemed like it was overnight.

All the rubble was swept together and turned into a massive, tall pillar of GOLD.

I heard the Lord say “The golden era has arrived. Spring shall bring the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen.”

Beauty for Ashes says the Lord.

I have to tear down to rebuild says Yahweh.

Every abomination torn down and reduced to rubble.

I shall tear down the statue that sits upon your waters for it is an abomination to me says the Lord.

Shock and awe is at the door.

The hour of my visitation upon you.

Who can dare stand against me? says the Lord of Hosts.

Weeping shall endure for a night but joy will come in the morning.

Holy is the King who sits on the Throne for all power, glory and honor belong to Him.

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