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The New Era has commenced.

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Word Released 07/20/2023

The time has come for me to make all things right.

For the upside-down to be turned right side up.

For those who have mocked me to receive their due recompense.

I am El-Shaddai.

I am the everlasting One.

I have no equal for I reign supreme over all creation.

That includes angels.

They do my bidding.

I have sent them among you with a sickle to reap the harvest.

The time has come.

The wheat shall remain while the chaff is burnt away.

I will raise up a pure church.

I will raise up a church that makes the enemy run and hide.

SHOCK AND AWE shall befall you.

Some will run to take shelter but no shelter shall suffice.

I AM the only shelter that will protect you from what’s to come.

For a short while you will see upheaval and uncertainty will want to creep into your hearts and minds.

Do not fear for your victory is a sure thing.

I am drawing your enemy into the light.

They will start showing you who they truly are and who they work for.

The highest offices in your land America are involved in human trafficking. The very humans I created in my image and likeness.

Do you think I will stay silent and let my creation be sold as slaves by lucifer’s minions?


They not only traffic humans but they control the drug trafficking in this nation.

The pharmaceutical industry is also involved.

I shall expose their deeds for the world to see.

They do rituals behind the scenes to conjure the power they seek but their well runs empty.

Lucifer’s power has been cut off for a time.

He no longer has power to give.

I alone stand supreme over Lucifer and all angels who rebelled with him.

The CIA will be dismantled.

What a shame you have been to this land, you corrupt evil doers.

Did you think I wouldn’t hold you accountable for what you have done to my nations and for what you did on September 11th?

The truth about your organization will come to light and many leaders you had murdered for the sake of greed and power.

John F Kennedy will be vindicated.

So will JFK JR.

The truth will shock the world.

My David was raised up to finish what John F Kennedy started.

JFK was assassinated to prevent the dismantling of the new world order agenda they were working on implementing.

It may have looked like they succeeded but they did not.

I have raised my David to take the sword to Goliath.

One swift blow and the giants shall fall.

How much longer do we wait for your vengeance and justice Lord?

As long as I need to get the Bride ready.

The cleansing of the Bride will not come through peace and prosperity.

The cleansing comes before that she isn’t entangled by her unbelief and her half hearted love for me.

The cleansing of the church has already started.

Pastors shall fall.

Prophets shall be no more.

Evangelists will walk away in shame.

Apostles exposed I have never called to lead my people.

The rising remnant….how glorious my people.

Prophets who dwell at the foot of my throne daily. Who love my every word and fear me with all their might.

Evangelists who will lay down their lives for my glorious gospel.

Apostles who will nurture the sheep not take advantage of them to fatten their pockets.

Pastors who will teach and disciple my people with the father’s heart. They fear no one and nothing. The pure love they will bring to my body will be healing balm of Gilead.

A newness shall fall upon the earth.

A refreshing like you have never experienced before.

A golden era that will restore to you everything the enemy stole.

Triumphantly you shall go to every tribe, tongue and nation.

The fall of the unjust is upon you.

The waters will look unsettling and murky but I am the One who calms the waters.

I speak to the storm and it obeys.

Do not fear.

Do not fear the Russian submarine or their declaration of war.

I control the bear.

I am guiding the bear and I will use the bear to put an end to this premature takeover.

The bear walks with the Lion.

The bear will go no further than the Lion permits him.

My David (the Lion) is king over the bear and the dragon.

I’ve given my David favor very few men have ever known.

You may have disqualified him but I have called him and anointed him to the a prophet to the nations.

A deliverer.

A just warrior.

A man after my own heart.

You foolish virgins who lack oil passing judgment on my prophets because of their personality.

Who are you?

Where were you when I spoke the world into existence?

Where were you when I called them and set them apart in their mother’s womb?

Nowhere to be found.

I do not need your counsel or permission to call and anoint whomever I choose.

How dare you dismiss my anointed because of your preferences?!

That is the epitome of foolishness.

Repent before time runs out.

There is a showdown coming.

The hour is upon you.

This showdown will be between the dark powers and principalities and my army.

I’m still seated on the throne.

There is no created being that could ever usurp my Throne.

Fear and panic will be everywhere, you have been called to stay steadfast until the finish line.

I have given your generals the battle plan.

They will not fail.

They have already started to implement the battle plan.

Checkmate is fast approaching.

I will dismantle DC.

I will dismantle the highest offices of this land for my Glory.

:::::::: As I closed my eyes before the Throne, I saw in my spirit black coffins rolling in front of the White House :::::

::::: I saw an angel announcing…… The old era has now come to a close. The new era has already commenced. Glory to the One who lives forever and ever. All Glory , Honor and Power belong to the Ancient of days. ::::

Your generals are on the move.

They will soon strike the camp of the enemy.

Do not fear indictments against my David.

Those who indict will be indicted.

I set him apart for such a time as this.

He is protected and secured.

World leaders will be brought to nothing.

Those who thought they “had it all” will end up with nothing at all.

I will reset world economies.

Do not fear when you see world economies tumble.

They will cry out “blood bath” but it’s my RECKONING.

Let peace fill your hearts knowing I have a new financial system coming for you.

One that opposes the slavery you have lived under unknowingly.

The IRS will be exposed for stealing from the people.

I will bring them to nothing.

The silver and gold are mine says the Lord of Hosts.

They shall “reign” in this new era.

Balance shall be regained.

Freedom shall be regained.

When all feels lost remember I HAVE NEVER LOST A SINGLE BATTLE.

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.

America, this is not how your story ends.

Canada, this is not how your story ends.

France, this is not how your story ends.

Ukraine, I shall redeem you and mighty you shall become among the nations.

Russia, the bear of the north, the one who said yes to me. Riches and Honor shall be your portion.

Yisrael, judgment shall befall you for rejecting my son. I and I alone shall deal with your unbelief Yisrael.

United Kingdom, the seat of iniquity for ages. I not only took your “queen” from among you but I said no king shall come after. Did you think I am man that I should lie? Charles is as much a “king” as Lucifer thought he could become. He is no king. He has no power. The crown shall be ripped from him when the truth is revealed. They were never royal to begin with. They stole, murdered and did wicked things to usurp a throne that never belonged to them. The Windsor name shall go down in shame forevermore.

No man has the power to appoint kings.

I alone set kings and dethrone them.

Humanity has forgotten who is truly in charge.

I am about to remind them.

During this time if you are not for me, you are against me.

Choose this day whim you will serve.

The reckoning is here.

All kings and their kingdoms are about to bow down.

Let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying to the churches.

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Ted Quandt
Ted Quandt

The Bible says to stay away from THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

NOT "Let peace fill your hearts knowing I have a new financial system coming for you."

Be warned of false prophets telling you all will be good when really they are leading you into a snare that leads to Hell!!! READ YOUR BIBLE!!! REPENT!!! STOP SINNING!!!

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