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Time is up!

Prophetic Word I received from the Lord on March 8th, 2023.

My beloved, I know it seems like you’ve been waiting forever for me to intervene but the truth is I ALREADY have.

The events that are about to unfold I have already established and lined up for your generals to carry out.

Line by line. Precept by precept. Carrying out everything I told them to do.

There’s a loose end that must be tied up before the great showdown the world is about to witness.

This loose end could have catastrophic consequences in the wrong hands. Your generals know this. They are about to tie it once and for all so the rescue mission can be finished.

You’re about to cross the finish line. The Red Sea shall part for you. All you need is faith to see it through.

Didn’t I say I would intervene? Didn’t I say this premature takeover would not stand?

Who dares question my Word and my Might? Who dares question my sovereignty?

Let him who dares step forward and face me at this time for you will soon be no more.

The shedding of innocent blood stops with my intervention. The enslavement you have lived under stops with my intervention.

My Glory shall not only fill this earth but my vessels of Grace shall be filled to overflow.

You will walk in a room and your anointing will be so strong and evident that people will be healed and delivered in your presence. You have walked faithfully with me and I shall honor you in the presence of all.

There is no power or principality that can content with my Glory and Power. I AM God over all creation.

Lucifer’s time has run out.

I have allowed this mockery for times and times and a half but my patience has run out.

The time of reckoning is at hand. My reckoning.

Washington DC, you’re about to take a fall you will never recover from. I will reduce you to rubble. Uninhabited you will become. Desolate is your new name.

California, your seat of iniquity has reached the heavens. Your insolence has reached my nostrils and vapor of smoke shall be your portion.

Emanuel Macron, your days are numbered. They are coming to a close.

Justin Trudeau your removal is at hand. You have been hiding the story of your origins but I will bring it to light for all to see who you truly are.

Biden, Biden, Biden. No Biden you are. An impostor. You have already been judged and your portion handed to you. Your actor is about to be removed.

A funeral broadcasted for all to see. Your lies will be known.

Kamala, dare you think you will sit in the highest seat of power of my Nation?

Nay. For a day and a half you shall rule and I will abruptly bring your charades to an end. You will not rule over my nation. I have not chosen you. Shame shall be your portion.

WEF, you’re nothing but self appointed overloads over my nations and I will crush you will a single blow. You want war? I will give you war! You won’t war with my people, you shall war with me. You will see once and for all why I AM ALL POWERFUL.

Klaus your time is up. You must step down. Do it quickly before I buckle your knees and all you will be able to do is bow.

Putin, your marching orders have been given. Go forth in confidence I go before you.

Taiwan, your sins have found you out. A cleansing is coming to you Taiwan.

I am using unlikely ones during this era. I am creating unusual alliances to bring about the last harvest and the freedom I had intended for my children to walk in before I call them home. The end of the age is near.

I am with you for I will never leave you or forsake you. Until the end of the age.

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