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Prophetic Word. 08/11/2023

I commanded you to come out from among them and be ye separate not bring the world into the church.

I commanded you to be Holy as I AM Holy not to sell the anointing given to you to fulfill your calling on earth.

I commanded you to take care of the needy not to use the bride’s money to fund your lifestyle.

Yes, a laborer is due his wages but you’ve taken it too far. You’ve taken the tithes and offerings to satisfy your worldly passions and you call it “abundance”. You’re no better than the pagans and thieves.

I commanded you to care for my sheep. You’ve abused and fleeced my sheep instead.

Did you not think I would hold you accountable?

You are self appointed Pharisees who built kingdoms I’ve never blessed and I will tear them all down.

I AM the gate keeper. Not you. Your job is to serve the people I’ve entrusted to you.

I gave you the roadmap. Didn’t I say I am the one who builds the church? Then why do you have building plans? Why are there marketing plans? Why are your meetings nothing but plans carefully laid out that choke the life out of my Spirit?

Didn’t I give you the example of a church body is supposed to look like in Acts?

Peter showed you.

Then why do you operate my bride as you would a business?

When have I ever told you to turn ministry into a business you life off of?

When did I ever show that? I never did.

You decided to take the gifts and calling I imparted to you for your own benefit because you knew they were irrevocable. That doesn’t mean I won’t hold you accountable. Each will have their due recompense.

Prophets, who among you calls themselves prophet? Let them prophesy accurately day and night and let the others judge the accuracy of the words. I’m never wrong. Not once. Not ever.

Pastors & Apostles, who told you living off the flock to fund your lifestyle while they struggle is noble? You think due to your position you deserve “better”? Let Him who desires to lead, serve and live among the people. You are to be a steward not a ruler.

Evangelists, why don’t you trust me to fund your ministry? Why must you manipulate emotions to get funding? You either believe I provide or you don’t.

Teachers, you really fell short of what I entrusted you to do. Your teachings watered down. They produce no repentance or lasting change. Your fear of man is greater than your fear of me. I’ll change that. A great disservice you’ve done to my bride.

Judgment begins in the house of the Lord and I shall repay.

Let the cleansing commence. I AM coming as a purifying fire.

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