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A NEW DAWN 1.30.22

Vision and Prophetic Word from the Lord.

America and the world.

As I was worshiping and praying in the Spirit I was taken before the Throne of God.

Dark clouds were starting to dissipate. The Sun was shining through the clouds. The more the Sun shone, the further away the dark cloud became.

I heard the voice of the Lord say “ the New Dawn is here.”

I stood before His throne watching a woman dressed in rags turn into Cinderella. The Spirit of the Lord spun her around as she sparkled with Glory like never before.

The Lord said…“This is my America.”

All of a sudden was transformed into Gold. Gold covered her head to toe. Gold was her covering.

The Spirit of the Lord said, “Tell my people to proclaim freedom and to worship as if victory was already here.”

I saw the church of the living God in America.

A sea of people…

The Spirit of the Lord said “ I will create such uproar in the church, she will be unrecognizable by the time I am done with her.”

I watched the Father set the sea of people on fire.

Embers started floating up and landing on different countries as the Spirit of the Lord declared “Fire, Fire, Fire.” As He was calling fire to come forth, this massive revival and awakening worldwide started to take a hold in these nations.

As nations ignited with the Glory of God a dark plague tried to take the territory back. I saw Yeshua put His foot down on the map of the world and said “so long my Spirit and Glory are on earth, you can not take over.” The dark plague retreated back at the sound of His voice.

My justice will sweep the world.

I have remembered my covenant with America.

I have chosen Israel but America has chosen me declares the Lord of Hosts.

Just like I would have spared Sodom if I found 10 righteous in their midst, I am sparing this nation… says the Spirit of the Lord.

My people who are called by my name humbled themselves and prayed, they have turned from their wicked ways and I will come and heal their land.

As I stood before the Throne I saw a great shaking. The Voice of the Lord said “ there is a great shaking coming but those who abide in me will not be shaken.”

After this…I saw the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Father. As he began to stand…He took the form of a Lion and let out a ROAR over America, fire came out of His mouth consuming everything that wasn’t established by Him over this nation.

Powerful Whirlwinds came across the Throne room and the Spirit of the Lord said “the winds bring change, a changing of the guard.”

I saw Holy Spirit HIDDEN in the whirlwinds.

“I am NOT done” say the Lord of Hosts…”As a matter of fact I haven’t even started.”

I will be glorified among the nations, my name exalted on high, captives will be set free, my remnant will ARISE, the Light will shine, the dawn will break at the mention of my Name.

I saw the Spirit of the Living God standing guard over America. Pacing back and forth over her looking to protect her.

Israel, My Israel, oh how you’ve strayed says the Lord.

I will send dreams, visions and many visitations you will have as it’s the only way back to me. Your Messiah. I will take your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

A fresh anointing shall fall on you Israel. The apple of my eye.

Mercy, times and times and a half declares the Lord.

Why not Israel?

Israel has rejected me, while America has chosen me.

America leads the last harvest as I honor the covenant I made with her forefathers.

AM I a God without honor?

AM I man that I should lie?

I made a covenant with those who set foot on this land in the days of old. I have not forgotten my covenant.

The delay came as their children forgot their way and the path to righteousness. A new generation rises who honors my word and lives by my commands. So I the Lord thy God will fulfill everything I spoke to your forefathers.

America the Great from the ashes you shall rise one last time to give glory to your creator. From your mouth shall the praises rise over all the earth.

GREATER says the Lord.

GREATER than you’ve ever been.

MORE RADIANT than ten thousand precious stones.

GLORY will fill your land.

I shall walk among you in the cool of day.

Your idols destroyed.

Cleansed by the blood from all iniquity.

I hear my remnant weep over your America.

It has moved my heart so shall I move my hand against your enemies.

I watched the hand of the Lord sweep across the world removing HIS enemies in one long sweep.

Let faith ARISE and God’s enemies scatter.

Praise be to the Lamb who sits on the throne, ALL GLORY, HONOR and POWER belong to HIM forever and ever. Amen.

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