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A NEW DAWN 8/14/22

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Prophetic Word the Lord gave me this morning…

“The beauty of what is coming to my remnant will shock them. They will cry tears of joy because they will see my goodness in the land of living. To the faithful, stay faithful.

To the lukewarm this is an invitation to repent before me lest you be found no more like the shaff taken by the wind. The hour draws near when you will see the judgments already rendered in the courts of heaven manifest on earth. The wicked’s fate already sealed. Much like my David’s fate is already sealed. Didn’t I say long ago through my prophets that my David would reign once again from the highest seat of this land? Didn’t I say that I would overturn the plans of the enemy? Didn’t I say that this year would be a year of recompense and what man has sown, he shall reap? Am I man that I should lie? You’re asking why I’ve taken so long? You stood in your insolence and idolatry for hundreds of years. Fifty years. Fifty years you allowed for the murdering of innocent babes to go on. Did you do something about it? Nay. It not my problem you said. It’s not my fight you proclaimed. Yet, in my mercy I have already rendered the verdict over America and the world. It is my problem and I shall make it right. Will it take me as long as it took you to come to your senses? No. I shall do it in 24 hours. Stop complaining about how long it has taken me and start focusing on making sure your nation never gets this bad again. Stop burying your head in the sand as you have done for years upon years. There is no next time for America and the world. Next time I shall come for my bride with a trumpet sound and it will be lights out for you America.

Your golden era has commenced. Justice shall be seen like the noon day and righteousness like a flood. The anointing of Jehu is here for the new era saints. You shall go out to every tongue, tribe and nation until the last gentile comes to the saving knowledge of my only begotten Son. The Red Sea I shall part for you. Pursue Holiness and Righteousness that you may not be cut off from the land says the Lord of hosts.

For those who have mocked the prophets, I have a surprise for you. No one mocks my voice without their due recompense. You thought I was blind, deaf and mute. This is why you persisted in your sin but I’m very much ALIVE and speaking.

My Glory shall fill the streets of this nation and the world. Worldwide celebration will take place and my name shall be exalted as the DELIVERER of the nations.

Yisra’el , I’m about to make right what you have wronged. Am I not a just God who disciplines those whom He loves? A cleansing is coming to you Yisra’el. I’m calling back the rightful king to return to what was stolen from him.

Bibi it’s your time to return.

Tanzania a cleansing is also coming to you. I have a plan for your nation.

Trudeau and Macron you fools. Your life will be required of you for what you have done to my people.

Jacinda Arden you are a traitor to the people.

Gretta Thunberg did you not think I would know that you were paid by the communist George Soros.

I despise communism says the Lord. The truth shall shine forth as the entire world finds out you were a fraud all along.

Cuba, I have plans for you for greatness. You shall be set free of your oppression.

Your oppressors you shall see no more. I shall send my daughter to you to restore your land. Everything she touches in that island will heal and prosper. You were created for such a time as this. Redemption is coming to you.

Australia, my beautiful Australia. My peaceful people you shall be no more as righteous indignation stirs up within you to make right what has been wronged. You shall be free from tyranny Australia and revival shall sweep your land for the entire world to see. They shall say “The Lord God surely loves Australia.” As many miracles, signs and wonders shall be seen in your nation.

UK. The seat of injustice. The pinnacle of sin. I shall weighed you and found you wanting. Your Queen is no more. No king shall take over. I shall dismantle the royal family as royal you never have been. Your lies and wickedness have caught up to you. There is no power in the name Windsor and your legacy shall be stained forever.

Jeffrey Epstein gave the right people all the evidence they needed to carry out justice on my behalf.

This will come to light.

This chapter is coming to an abrupt close. A new dawn shall ensue. What you’re about to witness is my doing. I shall bring order into chaos and restore all that has been lost says the Most High.”

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