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American Jets 2.27.22

Had a dream last night.

I was at the beach when I looked up and saw a cluster US fighter Jets & Bombers on the coast. I thought to myself “that’s odd”. I kept going about my business when next thing you know Chinese planes appeared out of nowhere and started taking down our planes. I blinked and Chinese paratroopers where on the ground already. I ran as fast as I could into the nearest building. The paratroopers where going into every building killing every American and dropping bombs in the city. I realized this so I ran to what seemed to be a far away wooded area with homes. I knocked on a door and told the people they needed to leave because the Chinese were coming. An American troop shows up seeking shelter through the back door and the lady in the house asks “when will you need the house til’?” The American soldier said “until may”. I knew in my spirit that was several months away.

I have no interpretation or timeline but I know the difference between a regular dream and a prophetic dream. Let’s pray it’s during the tribulation.

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