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Back To Jesus

Had a dream last night.

“I was at a resort near Mar-a-Lago because I knew Trump would be there. I walked through the sand (beach front) there from a near by resort.

His wife recognize me and brought me over to say hi to him. As I approached tears filled my eyes and in my heart I was asking “what happened” but couldn’t bring myself to ask him. I looked in his eyes and I saw pure joy.

He said “we need to get this country back to Jesus. He’s very proud of what we’re doing.” He had a glow to him as if he had been with Jesus.

In the spirit I knew immediately he was fighting battles behind the scenes to get the country back and make a come back while the people thought it was over.

I stopped and thought to myself “oh my God. Why would I think it’s over? He’s clearly meeting with Jesus.”

I was so happy to see him doing well, happy and seeking King Jesus.

I sat at a table near by for lunch...someone was there that wasn’t supposed to be. She was a democrat pretending to be on his side. I was confused as to why she was there.

I walked on the beach back to my hotel and was met by a riot outside.”

It’s not over folks.

Pray for 45.

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