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Build a Warrior 4/11/22

Can I just say something for a min that may not sit right with you but it’s what Holy Spirit revealed.

The American church has made people believe you NEED the church in order to thrive spiritually, to stand in fierce battles and win, to come against satan himself when attacks come because YOU can’t do it “alone”.

#1 What child of the Most High is ever alone?

#2 I’ve fought the fiercest battles of my entire life “alone”. Just Jesus and I. Holy Spirit sustained me and equipped me. Send me off to an island with just my Bible and see who wins. Peter, Paul and John all fought their fiercest battles imprisoned (alone) or in an island (alone!)

You’re creating weak Christians with this mindset. Yes, I understand the benefit of coming together with other believers. We should treasure that. To go from that to you NEED the church to fight your battles or satan eats your lunch is not biblical.

This is why you have Christian’s needing prayer every single day.

Pray for me. I can’t do this on my own.

Two problems with this…

You’ve been taught you can’t. You need others who seemingly process some ultra higher power to pray for you. You know, the mega anointing.

And you don’t know your identity in Christ. When you speak His name, devils flee.

Identity comes from relationship.

We have a church who has 0 identity because they recruit others to “pray” for them always instead of working their own salvation with fear and trembling.

YOU. Can win. You are never alone. Holy Spirit is all you need. I promise!

Now pick up your armor and your Bible and allow God to build a warrior out of you!

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