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Corrupt DNA 4/12/22

The Lord showed me this today...

This is what Lucifer did to create an offspring after his own kind. Changing the DNA of humans and intermingling it with serpent DNA creates a hybrid human (as in the days of Noah) that no longer have Adam's DNA but now have luciferian DNA in them. From the beginning of time Satan wanted to be like God. The ONE thing he wanted more than anything was to be worshiped like God. What is the relationship the remnant have with the Lord? One of love, reverence and worship. He wanted that more than anything. He can't create so he has to duplicate what better way than to corrupt humanity at it's core? During the tribulation when the Spirit of God is not on earth (the church) transhumanism will be the norm. This was the test. This is beyond messed up church. So many pastors and church goers altered their DNA.

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