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Days to Come 01/25/21

I wrote this Jan 25th, 2021

This will get very interesting in the days to come. Things won’t play out the way people thought they would. They won’t be on man's timeline. You will see the church divided. I said a while back that exposure wasn't just coming for the government but to the church too. You have people who profess Christ demanding those who are still standing in faith to apologize for doing so. Well known people too. Never in my life did I ever think I would get pressure from "the church" to recant and apologize for a word I feel in my Spirit was from the Lord. The world? Yea, we can expect anything from anyone who doesn't know the Lord. The hate, the mocking, the nasty angry spirits within the church are sure manifesting.

What if this plays out for a few months?

What kind of faith do you have? How's your relationship with the Lord? Is He everything to you? Do you live by man's word or do you hear daily from HIM yourself?

What if God takes a while to fulfill a prophesy? Are you willing to pray for the prophets as they sit in uncomfortable times waiting on the Lord? Are you willing to intercede for your church family? Are you willing to stand in the gap for the lost?

At this time HEARTS and motives are being exposed. What can be shaken WILL be shaken. You can no longer ride the fence.

If you can't endure will not make it through the first 3 months of the NWO.

I suggest picking up your bible and drawing near to the Lord. Repent of your sins and work on becoming everything HE created you to be every single day.

There are better days coming for America but I would love it if the church is purified in the midst of this immense trial. Purifying is exactly what is happening.

If the prophets are wrong, we will have to deal with Yahweh directly. That alone is terrifying.

If you are wrong and you are mocking the prophets...I wouldn't want to be you.

The spirit of Jezebel is operating in the church and we must get rid of it ASAP.

I will hold on to the word of the Lord until He fulfills it. I don't know what else to do. Walk away? Never. Recant? Why? Had God told me to? No. So why would I? I will not run at the face of those who seek to "just be right". I stand by Yeshua. No matter the cost.

I am NOT ELIJAH. I DO NOT RUN from Jezebel. I stand in my authority and power and cast her to where she belongs in the name above all names.

We have a new wave of warrior prophets who come in the spirit and might of CALEB & ELISHA.

Resolute. Focused. Faith Filled. Spirit filled.

We simply will not be moved unless the good Lord tells us so.

- Laire Lightner

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