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Fall Apart 1.20.2021

"Everything must fall apart in the natural." - That is the word the Lord gave me last week.

When everything seems to fall apart we run quickly to find natural answers.

Did we not repent?

Are we mystery Babylon?

Did we just walk into the NWO?

Where is God?

Where all the prophets wrong?

I have spend the roughest days I have had in a very long time this month.

We fight a digital w_r for information in the natural.

In the supernatural we fight over satan himself who had a stronghold on this nation for so long.

So many people are running the other way.

Prophets recanting.

Even going to as far as to say "prophecy is conditional".

There is nothing scarier in my entire life than prophesying something in the name of the Lord and it not be accurate.

I fear God more than I love the air I breathe.

God is not done with this nation.

I don't know how.

I don't know when.

I don't know the strategy but I do know this...

At 11:59 the Lord will step in and save this nation. Justice will sweep this land and the world will be in awe. Of who? Of a man?


On election night I had a vision of Jesus standing over our nation Himself with SWORD drawn as the Archangel Michael fought on our behalf. I will never forget that vision for as long as I live.

It is JESUS who fights for us.

If you know HIM, if you know biblical history you know He loves showing up when everyone believe all is lost.

He shows up right on TIME according to HIS standards and always LATE according to ours.

I ask you to trust the Lord.

I ask you to fast and pray.

I ask you not to give in to despair.

I ask you to hold fast in faith that Abba will step in.

I do not know how.

But Donald J Trump will be our president for the next 4 years.

Revival will break out as a consequence.

This nation will be purged from all the evil doers and wicked ones.

We shall go triumphantly into the world to preach the gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.

It is NOT time for America to step into darkness.

It is NOT time for America to step into the NWO.

This is a major blow to the globalists.

Watch YESHUA show up like the conquering King He is.

I stand.

In awe of His goodness.

In thanksgiving for our Victory.

Much love.

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