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Fire & Fury 9/24/22

Prophetic Word the Lord just released to me.

HOLY HOLY HOLY is He who sits at the right hand of the MOST HIGH for all power, dominion and glory belong to Him.

Make way for His entrance as He is about to shock the nations as His ROAR reaches the furthest parts of the earth.

Bow in reverence before the Ancient of Days oh inhabitants of the earth.

Your reckoning is here.

Your recompense is here.

Make way for the King of Glory as He is making His way into the affairs of man.

A shock and awe shall befall you mighty earth.

The King of Glory has stood from His throne is now on His way to correct the wrongs of the kings of the earth.

The mess you have made oh rulers I SHALL MAKE RIGHT.

Fire and fury shall consume you.


The deed of the earth is mine as I paid for it by my blood.

Hold fast.

I will avenge my kings. The rightful ones who should have been in power all along.

Fire and fury.

30 days of fire and fury says the Lord. ————————- As I wrote this word down I trembled before King Jesus as He stood from His throne in full armor with angels announcing His coming to set this earth right. He’s coming friends. He is marching here…right now to render the reckoning of His enemies.

Glory to the King!!!!!

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