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God Wins. 7/25/22

I talked a while ago about a NUCLEAR scare. I had a dream that we were SO close to a nuclear bomb going off and God stopped it right when the red button was about to be pushed. There will be no nuclear war. Could a bomb go off in NY city? Yes. I also posted about this but it won’t be a nuclear bomb and it is from the DS not a foreign nation. Could they blame a foreign nation to start a war? Sure. You know how they operate.

Not a single prophet I follow (or Myself) have heard from the Lord that the US will be invaded. I had a dream in which the Lord told me they had planned an invasion through the border. I don’t believe that invasion will come to pass. Not a single warning of an invasion has been given to me other than to let me know “this is what they plan.”

The perfect storm is a series of events that I have been warning about for YEARS now. World wide economic collapse. The attempt to usher in the RESET and thus the NWO. Another virus that would be stronger. Etc.

Robin Bullock, Kent Christmas, Hank Kunnaman have all prophesied the turn around is here and God will begin to deal with the wicked leaders. THIS is what the prophets are in one accord about.

You need to be very careful when you have a platform on what you release and WHEN. I have had dreams of Russian subs invading the east coast. I have had dreams of nukes going off in different cities simultaneously. I have had dreams of foreign invaders in our land. None of those dreams were a right now word. I had a dream back in 2010 (Pentecost) that there was a bubble around our home and when we went to look outside it was pitch black. There were 0 lights anywhere except out home. Almost like an EMP went off but our home was protected. Did that mean the dream wasn’t prophetic? No. Did it mean it would happen right after I had the dream? Obviously not. So many times God gives us dreams to show us the plans of the enemy so we can stand against them. I do not share those dreams because it will only bring panic to the babes in Christ. There is no need. Russia will invade through subs during the TRIB. Putin will not be the commander. There are so many moving pieces we are missing here church.

You don’t look at things that are happening in the natural and say “oh this must be now”. That is not the heart beat of heaven. It is about what our GOD is doing. If God is about to allow a foreign nation to invade our country, do you not think the prophets that have prophesied ACCURATELY previously would be warning you?

Case and point. In 2020 (if I remember correctly) there was a pastor who started to have dreams. Really eery dreams of banks running our of money etc and those dreams all had a calendar DATE on them. He started posting those dreams with the dates. People straight up panicked. My inbox flooded. None of those things came to pass on those dates. I did so much damage control on that I don’t care to recount that mess. The point is you have a responsibility to go to the Lord in prayer before you share anything seemingly “prophetic” and CHURCH you have to stop listening to everyone who has a dream or a vision. Take it with a grain of salt and go to the Lord in prayer. Let HIM tell you what is true and what is not.

The devil disguises himself as an angel of light. MANY prophesy in Jesus’ name and they do not know Him. The chaos they bring is evident in those who sit under their teachings.

There are many warnings of what is to come during the tribulation and we need to be able to discern the timing of events or we will lead ppl in panic constantly.

God already won this war folks. He has told us over and over again. He has already spoken. We trust in Him!

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