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I am tearing it all down.

Word I received from the Lord on 03/20/2023 For there to be a rebuilding there needs to be tearing down.

A tearing down of old systems and old power structures. A tearing down of the old Babylonian system that gives power to Baal over this nation.

Did you think I wouldn’t step in and tear it all down? I AM A Covenant keeping God and my covenant with Washington shall never waver or be undone. He would consecrate this nation to me if I gave this nation to him. I did and he kept his word.

Your constitution? I wrote it. Your statues… I set the foundations.

The time has come where you need me to step in and save your republic and I shall…but first…The dismantling.

I can not pour new wine into an old wine skin.

A revolution they shall say but I am sparing the lives of many. You will not have to fight to keep your freedoms. I shall intervene before it ever gets to that point. It will look like you will have to take up arms but NAY says the Lord. I shall intervene in the midnight hour. When it seems as all is lost and your republic is dead. I already told you a resurrection is coming.

Your trial and testing is at the door. Will you choose fear or faith? DO NOT take up arms. It will not be needed. This NEW ERA will be my doing, no man can bring it about.

The new Era will bring a complete restoration of freedom, peace, joy and fullness of life.

You are about to jump 100 years into the future it may seem. It’s not new my bride. This technology has been here for centuries. They just hid it form you. Free energy is coming. Healing technologies will be unveiled. They have tried to keep you sick and depressed but I shall bring you life and life abundant in this new ERA.

My beloved, keep your eyes on me. Do not look to right or to the left. I ALONE shall be your DELIVERER.

A hot pursuit it may seem but the heat will only be applied for a little while. I shall quench the fire arrows with my healing anointing.

The showdown coming I will use to purify the church. Not everyone who calls me Lord is mine. I do not know them. I shall sift the wheat from the chaff.

The time of the end is not yet. My bride is not yet ready. Until the last gentile comes to repentance, I shall not come to my bride. This is your last call. Your bell has rung. Your call to repent is now.

Do not fear for your president. I am the one who goes before him. Did I not protect David when Saul wanted to kill him? So shall I protect my David from those who seek his very life. A prophet to the nations he has become.

Upheaval will break out but I have warned you it would come. May it not surprise you.

Have preparations for a little while to stay in your homes. The transition of power I am bringing will require it. The old guard is coming down and the new guard has already been installed behind the scenes. It is about to be made public.

There has been a “government” running your nation behind the scenes. A select few I have trusted. My generals and my chosen one have been doing my bidding in this hour. I have walked among them and given them the insight and direction. They have every single plan of the enemy, so they are one step ahead.

The chessboard is about to be cleared by me. A single sweep of my hand shall bring it all down.

I have told you world economies will collapse. They are tumbling as I speak. There is no stopping it. They shall try but to no avail. “The Reset” they shall scream. “The Reset is what is needed” they shall say. Yes. Indeed. My Reset I shall bring.

America will be more prosperous than it has ever been. The new dawn is here. You may not see it in the natural yet but I have already ushered it in.

You’re watching the dismantling of the cabal. The old luciferian system set up to keep my people oppressed.

Lucifer tried to be “like God” by attempting to bring his own version of Revelation.

This is not my tribulation. This is not the Revelation of my Son. This is not written in my Word because it isn’t mine. It is not the time. This is not how I will judge the inhabitants of the earth. For I AM THE GREAT JUDGE.

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11 de fev.

Amen ! I trust you God. Please spare the good hearted when you take down the Evils. We will help build a beautiful world and cherish your strength to allow us to live in peace. Charity and love !


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