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I will Abolish 4/10/22

#PropheticWord I heard the Lord say this morning:

I will abolish their agenda (LGBT). They went all in with their wicked agendas to rush them to get them established as they thought the NWO would be ushered in. Nay says the Lord. They overplayed their hand says the Lord Almighty. I’ve let them go as far as they could go to hang themselves with the same rope. Their judgment is upon them, it’s not coming. It is here. There is no turning back for the wicked. I’ve given them enough time and they won’t relent. Their portion shall be calamity. Everything they planned for my bride shall fall upon them. Massive turn arounds worldwide. Fire shall come through documents revealed. A new set of documents shall shake the nation and it will be the first domino to set off the events at hand to restore the rightful president. A cleansing fire. A restoring fire. A purifying fire says Yahweh. The long wait is over. Things shall begin to unravel quickly, so much so that it will make many heads spin. They shall say “The Lord God is alive, He is the One true God.” The Ancient of Days has not forgotten to render justice upon the inhabitants of the earth. Who can stand the justice of the Lord? Calamity is about to strike the camp of the enemy. This sweeping act of justice will make grown men bow the knee and church goers faith fail them. Everything that can be shaken WILL be shaken but my remnant will be like an OAK TREE planted in the waters. No matter how high the flood gets, they shall not be moved. As I tore the power from Pharaoh’s hand when I turned his heart against Moses so shall I tear the power from the globalists who think they can outsmart me. Fools they are. A single command from my throne and their soul leaves their body in an instant.

Why do you doubt church? Oh ye of little faith.

Have you not heard about my deeds? Have you not heard that I show up during the midnight hour to restore hope to my children? Have you not seen me render justice in the days when justice had seemingly escaped the earth?

I do not sleep nor slumber. I watch over my church every house of the day. I hold every single one of my remnant in my hand and no one can snatch a single ONE.

Not a globalist. Not a fallen angel. Not satan himself. How little do you think of me. Of my love and grace but especially my POWER.

My power shall be on display for all men to fear. The whole world will tremble at the mention of my name.

My hand is moving in this hour to restore all nations back to their rightful kings including Israel. Bibi shall be back soon. Chaos will erupt but I am working through the chaos to bring ORDER. Do not fear. I am for you and if I am for you, who then can stand against you?

The greatest ERA for the church is not behind you my beloved. The greatest ERA for the church is about to commence says the Lord Most High.

Expect a miracle over America because only a miracle shall save her and a miracle I shall deliver.

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