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Last Harvest 2.27.22

As I was praising the Lord, peace and JOY fell upon me. I started smiling uncontrollably because the joy coming to this earth is incomprehensible. DO NOT get caught up in what you see in the natural my friends. The King of Glory is delivering a check mate to His enemies on our behalf. For His beautiful bride. The beautiful remnant. He has not forgotten us friends. Many are wondering that and questioning where the Lord is. He’s moving. With sword drawn to remove once and for all this premature takeover of the NWO for the sake of the remnant. For the sake of the last harvest. All our precious brothers and sisters that have yet to come into the kingdom. Keep the faith. Keep praising Him and worshipping. Our best days are NOT behind us, they are before us. Glory days. Joy filled days. Miracles, signs and wonders. God’s glory on display. A new dawn has risen over this nation and the world. Hold fast.

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