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New Era 4/26/22

The Spirit of the Lord said this morning..."The virus they are planning to bring about to kill my people WILL NOT succeed says the Spirit of the Living God. Everything they have planned for my people I shall turn on them. Boils on their skin shall be their portion and healing anointing shall be my remnant's portion in this hour. The devourer no longer has a hold on this nation nor the world. Dominion is not theirs but my remnant. By my Spirit they shall reign in this new era. Complete restoration for everything that was stolen. A greater era than your mind can even comprehend. The hour draws near where reversals I shall bring, the mouths of the wicked shall hand in disbelief and they shall declare YESHUA is indeed GOD and YAHWEH is JUST. The road has been lined with fire but I had to purify my remnant that they may shine brighter in the last harvest. I hold the keys to all kingdom and my church shall reign supreme over the wicked says the Almighty."

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