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Prophets 07/11

Prophetic Vision for God’s prophets - I was in a massage when I had this vision. I take this very seriously as I usually don’t get words or visions for the Prophets.

I saw a line of prophets. They were wearing armor and had a shield (shield of faith) in front of them. Each one had a shield. They were hand in hand with every other prophet in the line up.

Light bright light radiated before them.

They were in warrior stance. Just like the picture below except every arm was interlocked with another prophet.

No idea how you can interlock both arms and hold up a shield but that’s what I saw.

Prophets The Lord said THE NEW DAWN WE ARE WALKING INTO is ground the prophets have WON in battle.

I felt the love of the Lord over the prophets and I started weeping in the middle of my massage. That poor lady probably thought I had lost my mind.

I felt the deep pride the Lord had for His servants the prophets.

The tears. The mockery. The beatings.

Prophets never felt like they fit in but in this new era…God will make you like kings walking alone mortals.

Those who stood your ground and were faithful to the Lord…your reward is great says the Lord.

Please tag a prophetic voice below and encourage them as they are in the front lines and precious to the Lord.

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