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Prophets Arise

Prophetic Word for the prophets…January 23, 2023

“ARMOR UP PROPHETS we are going to finish the job. You go before my angels. As the honor of leading them is yours for you were the ones who took back the territory from Lucifer. Now, I get to honor you in public. Your portion for your faithfulness shall be riches, honor and glory. Rise up my beloved friends. Your time has come. I shall show the world whom I’ve called and who does not speak for me. The battle is yours as I’ve given you the victory. Bind what must be bound. Release what must be released. I give you authority over the earthy generals and kings. They shall come to you for my wisdom. Do not utter a single word that I have not spoken or I will remove your lamp stand and you will speak for me no more. Do not add a single tittle or jot. You shall hang out my recompense to kingdom of darkness. Rise up as your dawn is here. I shall go before you.”

Laire Lightner

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