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Q Speaks Truth 2.24.22


We serve the God the shows up at the 11th hour and DESTROYS all His enemies with a single breath.

What matters is what MOVES THE LORD said He would make through the prophets.

I spoke about a dream I had about a year ago after months inquiring before the Lord about Q. I wanted to know if Q was real and if they spoke truth. I spent months asking the Lord. No answer.

I started fasting then BOOM. I’m sitting at a table with Jesus and He says “ok, let’s talk. I have the answers you seek.”

I asked several questions I had been asking for a while with no answer and then the last question came…

Is Q real?

His answer?

Q speaks truth.

I woke up in shock. Straight from His mouth.

That’s not the craziest part.

Julie Green has been prophesying in the past month exactly the same things Q said would happen from tribunals to the takedown of the globalists.

Many won’t believe and that’s ok. When it all unfolds, make sure YOU were on the right side of history.

The Spirit of the Lord said yesterday “You’re going to love what happens next.”

Many are so focused on what the enemy is doing, they are completely missing what the Lord is SAYING through the prophets.

The NWO doesn’t win this time. So long the church is here, they can not win. It’s that simple. Some are hell bent on the destruction of this nation and the world, you will have to repent soon.

Remember you either are rewarded in the season we’re going to or you get nothing.

Some of y’all are about to get coal for the amount of faith you have.

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