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Raise your voices! 8/10/22

Raise your voices my children in victory and worship. Your president is about to go into the Lion’s den, into the belly of the beast but do not fear for I am his rear guard. I shall uphold him with my right hand. It may look like his life will be required of him but nay says the Lord. I saw Potus in a dark room, it looked like a cell. His head hung in prayer and worship. His entire life given to the Lord at that very moment as he knew he could do nothing to save himself from the situation he had found himself in. Only the Almighty could save him. The Spirit of the Lord says…Look at my Daniel…was he harmed? Not a single hair on his head was touched by the enemy. The lions? I control the lion’s mouth. The beast? I command the beast. The oceans? I set their boundaries. The Birds? I feed them. So how much more would I do for a child of mine, one I have called for such a time as this. A crisis of belief is in the horizon says the Lord. You shall finally see who walks by faith and who walks by sight. Draw near to me for what you’re about to see will not only shock you but it will feel like a gut punch and the wind was knocked out of you. It will drop you to your knees but on your knees you shall find peace and redemption for this hour. The battle is here. My war has begun. I shall repay says the Lord. Hide yourselves in the shadow of my wings that you may find comfort through the storm. A storm that will not only surround America but the world. The hour of reckoning is here and the righteous judge shall send out his decree with 10,000 angels. A simple command from my throne has already been issued and MY WAR is at your doorstep. The only protection you shall find is the blood of the covenant. I have already released the set of documents. (I saw documents flying in the wind around the capitol in the midst of a massive storm) These documents shall give way to a massive storm in DC. The dominos shall begin to fall quickly after this revelation. My David’s greatest trial is ahead of him. Pray for his heart, pray for his endurance and pray for wisdom. The belly of beast is my doing lest you think my children’s destiny is outside of my sovereign control and my powerful hand. Nay. I shall not lose a single one of my sheep for I hold them in the palm of my hand and none shall be snatched away. America. America. America. How I wish it wasn’t so. How I wish this could have been done any other way but you refused. A SHOCK AND AWE and shall be your portion to wake you up from your slumber oh sleeping beauty. Your destiny is yet to be fulfilled and my covenant with your forefathers I shall not forget for I am a just God. You shall rise from the ashes more radiant than ever before but through death you shall walk first. I have come back for what is mine says the Lord. I bring my recompense with me. For those who have sown JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, JOY shall be your portion. For the wicked, calamity shall strike your home.

Your streets shall once again be filled with shouts of praise and my name shall be exalted over all the nations for only One could have delivered the victory. The ancient of days. Your hour of mourning is here America. Your near death experience at the door. Your David shall be taken from you for a bit but shall return with the heart of a Lion to take this nation to it’s final destination. Come away with me my bride for the hour of my indignation is here and who shall stand before me…The LION OF JUDAH. As I roar over your nation and the world you shall return to FEAR me, your first love.

The time is now. The war is here.

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