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Revival and Restoration 11/07/20

// Vision //

As I worshiped in my secret place (in my Tallit), I was immediately in the throne room of God in the Spirit.

God was sitting on his throne, Glory filled the temple. There was a great war going on around his Throne but he was undisturbed. I knew this war was for America.

An eagle was flying around the throne, circling the throne. Arrows with tips of fire were coming for the eagle from every angle. Trying to shoot it’s wings so it would never fly again.

As a battle intensifies the eagle seeks refuge from the attacks so it lands at the foot of the throne.

God puts his right hand up as to command all attacks to stop immediately. Without having to utter a word, all attacks ceased. There was a clear dome over the eagle protecting it.

The eagle unharmed, bowed in reverence before the creator. Completely surrendered. I felt the incredible love of God has for America. Almost as much as He loves Israel.

I’m immersed in the spirit when Jesus walks in the room and says, “I am not coming as a lamb I am coming as a King.”

I fell to the ground and worship I asked him to show me his face. I hear steps. I start shaking uncontrollably. Heat surrounds me.

He says lift your eyes until you meet mine. I replied, “Lord I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy” As I wept and shook nonstop.

He lifts my face to meet his. Glorious sight to behold.

Eyes of fire, beautiful white robe, Gold crown, a Gold scepter that I knew in the Spirit meant Justice. He says “it’s my time to bring justice upon the earth”. Tell them “I am bringing restoration and revival. I will not be mocked.”

I thought I was going to die so I covered my face. There I sat and wept in both reverence and awe.

I want you to FAST & pray! 2 Chronicles 7:14

Remember this church...

There was a moment when the lights went out When death had claimed its victory The King of Love had given up His life The darkest day in history There on a cross they made for sinners For every curse His blood atoned One final breath and it was finished But not the end we could have known For the earth began to shake And the veil was torn What sacrifice was made As the heavens roared

There was a moment when the sky lit up A flash of light breaking through When all was lost He crossed eternity The King of life was on the move For in a dark cold tomb Where our Lord was laid One miraculous breath And we're forever changed

All hail, King Jesus All hail the Lord of heaven and earth All hail, King Jesus All hail the Savior of the world All hail, King Jesus All hail the Lord of heaven and earth All hail, King Jesus All hail the Savior of the world

Let every knee, come bow before the King of Kings Let every tongue, confess that He is Lord Lift up your shout, let us join with all of Heaven Singing holy, singing holy Cry out holy, singing holy.

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