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Russia & Ukraine 2.23.22

Ukraine Russia

I haven’t updated on what the Lord has said on this matter but here it is.

I did a video a few days ago where I said I heard the Lord say that Russia would go into Ukraine and it’s not a big deal. Not to expect WW3 from it.

While I heard this from the Lord I felt in my Spirit that this was supposed to happen as if HE HIMSELF put this together.

I KNOW Putin is on the right side of history for now (this is exactly what the Lord said). God is using Putin to fight against the NWO. When this is over you will see he was on the right side the entire time.

Right now.

Not during the Ezekiel war or the Tribulation…

RIGHT NOW…Russia is being used by God to overthrow the premature takeover of the NWO.

Ukraine is insanely corrupt.

Many globalists are hiding there.

Ukraine was behind the Russian hoax against 45 and supporting Hillary.

Ukraine needs to be cleansed.

God chose Russia to do it right now.

The end.

Trust and believe God is in complete control. The globalists are struggling to stay in power and keep the narrative. It’s all falling apart.

You will be surprised what side China (not the CCP) but the president was actually on when this is over.

God is masterful.

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