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The Eagle 03/23/22

As I closed my eyes I saw the EYE of the Eagle as if it has a target on it.

Immediately the Lord takes me to a vision where the Eagle is Soaring above the Storm. I knew this Eagle was America.

The Spirit of the Lord said…

For the weary, renew your strength through worship.

I will wipe away all your tears.

The scene changed and I was taken to a desert where I was walking with Jesus…He said “ Every single war, I will use for my purposes.”

I was given dominion over all the earth and this is nothing more than an attempt from Lucifer to overthrow me and crush my spirit (the church) on earth.

So long I am King over all rulers, I will fight for my bride. She will not be touched. She will not be harmed for I am her good shepherd.

How can she trust my heart if at the moment she needs me most I leave and forsake her to her enemies when I promised her the very gates of hell will never prevail against her?

Have I ever lied?

Have I ever lost a battle?

Many battles have been won by the enemy throughout the centuries because my church didn’t want to engage. The reason those battles were lost to the enemy is because my bride didn’t arise and neither did I.

Not this time.

I have my eye on my remnant like I have my eye on the sparrow.

I am her sustainer, I am her provider, I am her first love, I am her rescuer.

There is nothing too hard for me says the Lord of Hosts.

They thought they had it all planned out and it be business as usual when they tried a coup against my David.

Your coup is invalid in my kingdom says Yahweh.

Your schemes are nothing to me says the Lord Most High.

You gave it all you had, not it’s my turn to overthrow your plans.

What you had planned against my church I declare null and void says the Spirit of the Lord. I shall step in as the mighty judge to render my verdict.

No more waiting.

No more delay.

(I heard in the Spirit RAPID FIRE)

Your babel comes down.

Your debauchery ends now.

I shall give you your portion in this hour.

Your portion shall be disgrace, eternal damnation and suicide.

By your own hand you shall go out.

I’m uncovering schemes and bringing them to the public. Schemes to take out my David.

Nay, says the Lord.

You shall not touch a single hair on his head.

The throne belongs to David and to David shall it return.

NOW, says the Lord…The avalanche of truth shall be made public.

As David comes back to take his rightful place…a RESURRECTION shall take place.

A resurrection they shall say.

How can this happen?

Only God could have done this.

Eagle FLY - freer than yo’ve ever been as I deal with your oppressors permanently.

Flag WAVE in the air and proclaim your victory.

My AMERICA - from ashes to beauty you shall rise.

Destruction is already marching on the land for the wicked.

Death everywhere.

Where will we burry them? they shall say.

My anointed shall arise in this hour with healing power. Nothing will touch them.

The untouchables they shall be.

You however, who dishonored your temple.

You disobeyed me.

You worshipped at the altar of Baal.

Your fear shall be your reward.

To those who didn’t consult me yet went and altered their DNA…your recompense dwells in your body right now ready to reap what it has sown.

REPENT of your deeds like the Nicolaitans and turn to me that you may find healing and mercy.

To the unrepentant, I have closed the our of repentance for you. You shall reap what you have sown.

To my faithful ones.

This new era shall be known to you for it’s rewards.

Rewards for faithfulness.

Rewards for increased faith.

Rewards for standing by me and my prophets.

A prophets reward shall be your portion.

A whirlwind of FIRE.

A fresh baptism of FIRE shall fall on America.

Your king has a Cyrus anointing on his life. Your king America not only hears from me…this David you have mocked and disqualified has more humility before my throne than you ever have. This king shall set America on fire for my gospel. A mantle has been place on him not only as my earthly king but as a prophet.

The first prophet to lead this nation. This is why you will walk into a NEW DAWN with a prophet leading you. A man after my own heart.

Speak life over him and life shall be given unto you.

Speak death over him and death shall be your portion.

David comes back to restore all things to my church.

I am not bringing him back for the sake of the unsaved.

America has already been restored before my Throne.

Walk in your victory my children.

You are victorious over all as my declaration and decree has gone forth with my angel armies and your victory has been secured.

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