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The end of MC 3/11

Kenneth Copeland you are about to reap what you have sown says the Lord. The whole Megachurch movement is about to be exposed and many will be REMOVED from their place never to recover again. It will be a scene to behold. What has been done in the darkness will be exposed to the light of my Glory. Come out from among them my bride before they are judged. Many are her sins. Their judgment is here. You will no longer mock me, says the Lord of Hosts. You are corrupt money changers, did I not overturn their tables? What makes you think I will not overturn yours? Your grace period has ended. Now your fall will be for the world to see. You wicked, evil-doers, harlots and pretenders. Outwardly you look successful and as if you know me. YOU DO NOT and neither do I know you. You have never known me. You have filled your pockets with the hard earned money of my bride. You have build empires I have not told you to build on their backs. You have taught lies and twisted scripture. You are of the synagogue of satan. Depart from me you evil doers, for I never knew you is your portion says the Lord Most High.

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