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The Future 03/31/22

Prophetic Word. Trump will go down in history as the greatest president who ever served America. So many missed his calling because they focused on his temperament…missing it…it is the very reason I created him for such a time as this. No one else could have done the job. I searched and searched says the Lord and found no one.

Great celebration worldwide is about to take place. You will see my hand move swiftly from the east to the west consuming all my enemies in their own fear. The house of cards is about to fall. I shall send the reaper to hand out the recompense of the wicked for everything man has sown.

This is the year of recompense where I repay each man what they are due. Am I not a just God that I shall repay handsomely each what is due to them?

The wait has seemed long. An eternity for some but it had to be this way. You have forgotten what it is to live by my laws. It is of no benefit to me, the law was given to benefit you. To keep you from destroying your lives and reaping calamity. Let this be a lesson well learned so this never happens again.

The time is now where I shall start moving my hand and knocking down every single chess piece on the chess board says the Lord.

These fools thought they could outsmart me. They thought they could play the game better than I can. They thought I am One who can’t discern their thoughts or intent of the heart. Fools they are indeed.

Can you believe these are the fools they thought to use to run a coup against me? (The Lord starts laughing in disbelief).

Vulture food they shall be says the Lord of Hosts. When you try to carry out a coup against a king I have established, you are trying to carry a coup against me. What FOOL would think that is a good idea?

You’re about to see the Old Testament God who handed out recompense quickly and accurately. I haven’t changed. I am the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Those who have bought into another gospel will soon experience the fear of the Lord in new way. The gospel I never gave. The gospel that says “only love is required.” I never said that. I never taught that.

Love without Holiness is nothing in my sight. There are men who are an abomination in my sight who possess great love. A gospel that has been sold to you so cheap, devoid of accountability or the fear of the Lord that changes nothing.

Why are you living in fear, anxiety and depression? says the Lord. Did I not come to give you life and give it you abundantly? Did I fall short of my mission? Didn’t I set free every single individual I encountered? Then why are you not free? Maybe you haven't truly encounter me? Search for me while I still may be found.

The enemy infiltrated the church. A cheap gospel was sold to you. Nothing changes because the power is in the real gospel. The gospel that corrects, transforms, heals, sets free, delivers and guides. The “only love gospel” has never achieved a single thing but false converts. Those that think they are going to heaven but I shall meet them at the gates with “Depart from me, I never knew you.”

Turn from your wicked ways and stop selling my gospel cheaply.

I shall remove their lamp stands permanently unless they repent says the Lord Most High.

Revival is here. A near death experience will be the catalyst for such revival. The eagle is about to take off. The military shall soon say “the eagle has landed” ushering in the rightful president back to his rightful place.

Let Him who have ears hear what the Lord is saying to the churches.

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