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The Reckoning is Here.

Prophetic Word - 01/18/2023

They forgot who’s in charge. I’m about to remind them. They will never forget again.

Fire and fury is at the door. A massive blow to the camp of the enemy as they scramble to make repairs to their plans in shambles.

Their blood shall run through the streets of my nation as my vengeance consumes them for the unborn lives they took.

The American church is about to leave the buildings where I am not found and run to where my glory abides. In homes, stadiums and tents. The revivals from days past do not compare to what I’m releasing next to my remnant. A harvest of a billion souls.

Enter the narrow gate my children for the time of great upheaval and confusion is upon you.

Listen to my prophets. Those whom I have testified in your spirit speak on my behalf. They have conquered the darkness and pushed back the satanic takeover they had planned. My generals on earth they are. They carry my authority to exercise judgment over everything I’ve given them authority over. Question them and you question me. The spirit of Elijah and John I’ve released upon them. Unconventional ones to sustain and guide my remnant until I receive you unto myself.

A blackout is coming but it’s for your good. Do not fear. I’m moving in the midst of it to bring order into chaos.

I’ve warned you to prepare your hearts as many get ready to leave this earth. It’s their appointed time.

A great deception they will try to carry out but it will fail. Too many are now awakened by the Spirit of truth.

The dominoes have started to fall. The tide changed. The tsunami of truth I’ve spoken about incoming and your dawn about to break.

They will never have dominion over the earth. Even through the tribulation, I AM KING AND SOVEREIGN OVER ALL JUDGMENT.

Let him who has ears hear what the Lord is saying to the churches.

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