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The RETURN of my David 9/10/22

The RETURN of my David Prophetic Word.

The return has been initiated by my servants the generals in charge of my nation America. Do not fear for what you see next. They will try to cause chaos and upheaval but I am the one in control says the Lord.

As I protected the Israelites through the crossing of the Red Sea, so will I protect my remnant through this transition. A transition of power is at your door my beloved. A time of instability designed for me to uproot everything I must remove to cleanse this land of the ones who have risen their fists against me saying “there is no God.”

I shall show them, I AM the God of ages. The One who always was, is and is to come and I am a covenant keeping God so my America I shall save.

My David has received his marching orders. He is marching back to his rightful place as Commander in Chief of this nation. 8 Years He shall serve until I raise another Trumpet after Him to take his throne. His name shall be known throughout all the earth as the deliverer of the captives. The Liberator is his name in heaven. He had much to learn but He surrendered to me and now I am the One who guides His every step. His heart pure as Gold just like my David’s was. My kings have never been perfect but they have been contrite in heart and a contrite heart I will not despise.

I bow the KNEE to NO MAN says the Lord of Hosts.

Did you really think Lucifer could outsmart me and change times and seasons on my behalf?

Does nature not know who the King is?

Do the animals not know who their Creator is?

Doesn’t everything I have created sing my praises?

Why would you think it would obey an imposter, a created being?

Things have been out of sorts for a while and I am making all things right for the last harvest.

A time of confusion and incredible fear is coming quickly, the markets will free fall, the currencies will fail but I shall be your sustainer and your deliverer. A time when you will doubt my prophets and my word more than ever before. At which time I will silence the prophets to protect them from the fiery arrows you will want to cast at them but be very careful and tread lightly because these men and women I have raised to sustain the church for such a time as this not only speak on my behalf, they are MY servants. My friends. My voice on earth. Use wisdom in the way you treat them for I will hand out the recompense each is due according to what they have sown. I am a patient God. I am an understanding God but you will no longer mock me. When you mock a prophet I have sent, you mock Me says the Almighty.

Gather what you need and bring it into your storehouses for the storm is already here and the sky will go dark until I am done cleansing this land. Stay inside and abide in the shadow of my wings and nothing will be able to touch you. I have sent angels to guard your homes through this time. They know who my remnant are and 10,000 will fall at your right hand but nothing will come near your dwelling.

Peace and prosperity will be the portion of the faithful in the new era I am ushering in but before this comes to pass a realigning of the powers must take place. Baal has had power over America for way too long and this is not the way your forefathers wanted this nation to go.

A shifting of global powers.

A reinstating of old currencies.

A new financial system.

New voices leading the charge.

The unknowns shall become the new generals of the faith.

I am uprooting the liars, thieves and idolaters in my house. You stood behind pulpits I never told you to speak from. You sang worship songs as if your heart was sold out to me but I saw what you were doing behind closed doors. The children you took advantage of. The money you stole from my people. The miracles you sold as a modern day prostitute. Your reward I bring with me. No need to wait until you stand before me to account for your deeds. You shall have it at once. Many will drop dread from my glory alone because much sin abounds in you. REPENT and cleanse yourselves before me before the Angel of Death has its final call. I shall be patient no more.

The shift has begun.

My army marches forth.

A red October you shall indeed have.




While you think everything is upside down…NAY says the Lord. This upheaval shall put everything back where it belongs.

Starting with my church and ending with my David.

Rightful king of the NEW ALLIANCE.

The old alliance has passed away BEHOLD I make all things new.

I shall be crowned KING in the hearts of my people once again as my Justice and Glory sweep this world from corner to corner. Yes, even the 4 corners of the earth.

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Oct 19, 2022

I’m new here and this is the most glorious, inspiring writing I needed at this time! God is good …Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻🙏🏻♥️♥️


Sep 23, 2022

Yes LORD, Yes! ✝️ Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!! ♥️👑


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