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The Showdown 10/16/22

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

One of the most difficult prophetic words I've had to release so far. I do it with fear and trembling of the Lord most High. As I sat worshipping the Lord this morning, He released this word. --------------------------------------------------------- The Voice of the Lord came to Micha-El…’Go forth conquering what I already established to be mine on the earth.’ The table has been set in the presence of your enemies my remnant. Everything is prepared for the showdown that is about to take place. Power and Might are mine says the Lord of Hosts. I shall repay each what they are due. My enemies shall be destroyed as prophesied in Ezekiel 39.

There is coming an Ezekiel 39 MOMENT where they will a stand off between my people and the enemy. The global powers will lose this standoff. There are no wars without casualties. Prepare your hearts.

Do not receive counsel from those who walk in fear. Tune your ear to me during this hour. My prophets will confirm what I have spoken to you in the secret place. Do not lend your ear to those who claim to walk with me but fear has gripped their hearts.

A mass casualty event has been planned and is in the works. An event that will rock the nation to its core. The ones behind this event will be unmasked and the world will finally see who has been carrying out these events throughout the world for many many years. The real ones behind the endless wave of terror. They had the audacity to blame other nations in order to go in and collect the spoils. NO MORE says the Lord of Hosts. Your reign of terror ends here and now.

New York, New York a shock is coming to you. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying. Flee from her, lest you partake in her iniquities. New York you have been the seat of the nation trafficking the children. Your calamity shall strike you at once and unannounced.

Washington DC, I AM coming to you as a thief in the night. You have been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. I shall destroy your seat of power and rebuilt it in a day says the Lord. I will not allow my David to step back into Babylon to reign lest he be defiled. I will tear down your monuments to Baal and Moloch. I shall show you at the midnight hour who is KING over this land. I rule supreme over all the NATIONS.

I turn the hearts of the kings wherever I please.

Putin…”the laughing stock of the nations” I shall vindicate you. A mighty work I have done in his heart for the world to see.

Did you think the kings of the earth are outside my direction and command?

Wasn’t I the one who hardened pharaoh’s heart against my servant Moses?

Yet you say you understand my ways….NAY says the Lord. You barely understand my Word much less my ways. For my ways are higher than you ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts says the Lord.

“Putin the great leader who delivered us from the New World Order” the world shall say. An unlikely one I have raised in this hour to stand against the globalists. When his task is completed, I shall call him home.

You are accustomed to writing off people I have called, set apart and anointed. You’ve done so since the dawn of time.

Be careful not to judge prematurely what comes next, they will blame it on Russia. RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, they will proclaim. NAY, says the Lord.

Russia is doing my bidding in this hour. The globalist strongholds it’s demolishing on my behalf. Putin was set apart for such a time as this. The bear can not go further than I permit him. The kings of the earth are under my control and command.

Prejudice clouds your judgment but you will soon clearly see and sorrow shall fill your heart for the words you have spoken against those whom I have sent to rescue you.

Am I not the one who sets kings and dethrones them?

Then what business do you have telling me who I can and can not use?

Were you there when I spoke the Oceans and their boundaries?

Were you there when I watched Adam wake up in wonder of creation?

Were you there when I felt sorry I had made man and commanded the fountains of the deep to break open?

Seems like man has forgotten his place along with the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. This is why so many lack wisdom and understanding. Return to me and wisdom you shall find.

A reminder is coming. A reminder you shall NEVER forget. For I AM the Alpha and the OMEGA. I AM the Beginning and the END. There is no one I answer to and no one who looks over my shoulder. I COUNSEL WITH MYSELF. I STAND IN JUDGMENT FROM NO ONE.

The remnant shall rise up in glorious faith and operate in healing, miracles, sings and wonders. The true prophets shall be known in this era as the ‘friends of God’, they are my voice on the earth.Great power and anointing shall befall them and they shall reveal great mysteries from my very throne.

The earth shall return to FEAR the LORD. My will on earth shall ALWAYS be done for I hold the deed to all creation.

HOLD FAST as acceleration comes and the culmination of this premature takeover ends once and for all.

Fireworks, a new America, a NEW ERA of Freedom and Justice is about to commence.

Turbulent waters are indeed ahead but as I led Washington through the Delaware…I am leading my David back to his rightful place.

I will not be mocked. No coup against me shall stand says the Lord of Hosts. The battle is mine and I shall repay.

Let the SHOWDOWN begin. Micha-El has received his marching orders.

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