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Turbulent Waters 6/9/22

I received this Word from the Lord this morning while worshipping.


The Spirit of the Lord says to the churches.

Why have you allowed this to happen?

I never wanted you to experiment what you’re about to experience.

I wanted to care for you.

I wanted you to shine for the nations of the world to see.

I wanted you to be a city on a hill displaying all my Glory and Favor.

Instead you became apathetic and corrupt.

You sided with the enemy.

You taught doctrines of demons.

There was no Holiness found in you.

You refinement is not done says the Lord of Hosts.

Through FIRE you shall walk.

The smoke of your disobedience you shall wear.

Even so, I will be your sustainer through your greatest trial.

Turbulent waters are ahead for the disobedient.

Did you not think I was a good father and would discipline you?

Some will repent and some will curse me but it’s the time to operate the wheat from the tares says the Lord.

The threshing floor moment is at the door.

The remnant shall be untouched hidden in the shadow of my wings.

Did you think I would extend your grace by bringing back my David before I dealt with my church?

Nay says the Lord.

I shall deal with you the same way I dealt with the Nicolaitans.

Repent or you shall be no more say the Spirit of the Living God.

The days of playing church are over.

The new era will usher in those who for my name’ sake shall BE the church.

My David will not come back until I’ve dealt with an idolatrous church lest you continue in your disobedience.

I shall have mercy on you for times and times and a half.

Listen to my voice and draw near to me or fear will consume you with what you’re about to see unfold.

You will walk into the greatest time of restoration known to mankind right after you walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

FEAR NO EVIL for I AM with you always.

My love shall sustain you.

Gird your loins and prepare for battle.

A battle I’ve already won for you my remnant but you must still STAND and when you have done everything to STAND. STAND.

Like those who went before you.

Like my Esther.

My Esther's shall arise.

My Deborah's shall arise.

My Generals on earth have taken their posts and received my instructions.

My prophets fine tuned to my voice and my very heartbeat in this hour to sustain you.

Everything is set, ready and already unfolding for the LAST STAND.




For the sake of my remnant I’ve stepped in.

I’ve revived the prophetic office like never before because what I am about to do on earth requires my voice to cover this earth like dew covers the grass on a spring morning.

My GLORY shall cover the waters like the stars adorn the skies.

Triumphant you shall walk into the GOLDEN ERA.

Let him who have ears hear what the Lord is saying to the churches.

The hour draws nigh.

I will intervene.

I have never lost a battle.

I AM the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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